A List of Foods High in Vitamin K

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Vitamin k is vital to proper clotting of the blood. Recent studies also suggest that this nutrient also helps to maintain bone health.

Experts now recommend that men get at least 80 mcg. (micrograms) and women 65 mcg. of
vitamin k a day.

So how do we get it? Follow the green, my friend.

Leafy greens are some of the most abundant sources of vitamin k.

For your convenience, we compiled a list of foods high in vitamin k.

Foods Very High in Vitamin K:

Kale 1/2 cup 660% daily req.
Spinach, frozen, steamed 1/2 cup 560% daily req.
Turnip Greens 1/2 cup 530% daily req.
Collard Greens 1/2 cup 520% daily req.
Swiss Chard 1/2 cup 360% daily req.
Parsley 1/4 cup 300% daily req.
Mustard Greens 1/2 cup 260% daily req.
Watercress 3 cups 250% daily req.
Scallion 1/2 cup 207% daily req.

Foods Relatively High in Vitamin K:

Brussels Sprouts 1/2 cup 190% daily req.
Spinach, raw 1 cup 180% daily req.
Green Leaf Lettuce 1 cup 125% daily req.
Broccoli 1 cup 110% daily req.
Coleslaw 1 cup 100% daily req.
Cabbage, boiled 1 cup 98% daily req.
Asparagus 5 - 7 spears 80% daily req.
Endive Lettuce 1 cup 70% daily req.
Romaine Lettuce 1 cup 70% daily req.

Please Note:
If you are currently taking a blood-thinning drug such as warfarin, please understand that vitamin k-containing foods may lessen the effectiveness of the drug you are taking.

It is therefore imperative that you discuss with a trusted medical professional exactly how much vitamin k you should be consuming in your daily diet.

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