Green Vegetable Juice Recipes

Delicious, Enzyme-Rich Green Drinks for Greater Health and Vitality

Fresh green drinks should be a mainstay in your diet no matter what your chosen style of eating may be--omnivore, raw foodist, vegan, vegetarian or fruitarian. Green juices are abundant in vitamins and minerals, which makes them excellent blood builders. They are also rich in chlorophyll (the substance that gives green plants their color) and help to alkalinize the body.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health consuming plenty of green vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables will help to:

  • Decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Aid in lowering blood pressure
  • Prevent certain cancers
  • Improve digestive health
  • Guard against cataracts and macular degeneration

And the easiest way to get vast amounts of leafy green vegetables into your daily diet is to drink them in the form of fresh juices. Juice Up! 101 Delicious Green Vegetable Juice Recipes for Better Health will provide you with dozens of tantalizing recipes to help you get started.

Seedless Grape Cooler

4 stalks celery
1 cup seedless grapes
1/2 head bibb lettuce
1/2 cup kale

Apple-Beet Blood Builder

3 apples
1 1/2 cup strawberries
1 beetroot
2 cups collard green leaves
5 green leaf lettuce leaves

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Green Vegetable Juice Recipes