Vita-Mix Food Prep: 8 Cool Things You Can Make Easily!


Make Awesome Soft-serve Ice Cream

Did you know that the Vita-Mix makes absolutely delicious ice cream in about a minute? It's true. All you really need is low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit or frozen fruit with no sugar-added, and ice.

If you don't like yogurt, you can experiment with other ingredients like rice or nut milks. For added sweetness, you can add a touch of agave nectar, maple syrup or stevia.

See the Vita-Mix in action here!

You'll find many great recipes for frozen desserts in the Whole Food Recipes for Better Living cookbook that comes with your Vita-Mix.

The Peach-Carrot Ice Cream recipe is scrumptious. The recipe even includes a few cabbage leaves. But you don't taste the veggies at all! All you taste is that delicious creamy peach flavor.

The cookbook also has some delicious entree recipes, and great time-saving ideas for preparing wholesome meals. vita-mix.02

Cook a Fresh, Hot Soup Lickety-Split!

Hearty soups make quick and satisfying meals. And homemade soups are simple to make with the Vita-Mix.

You can never be sure of what you'll get when you buy premade soups. Even "low-calorie" restaurant soups can be high in sodium and low in nutritional value.

But with the Vita-mix, you can whip up a delicious, homemade soup in less than five minutes using fresh ingredients from your own kitchen. No big mess or fuss; just simple and nutritious food made the easy way.

And that's exactly what dinner should be after a long day. Don't you agree?

Knead homemade breads in only 5 minutes


Most people will agree that there is nothing like the smell of homemade bread baking in the oven. But the kneading process can be such a pain that many don't bother to bake their own breads.

And while breadmakers do a fair job of making breads, I prefer to prepare mine the old fashioned way--in a loaf pan in the oven.

That's the way most chefs do it. Why argue with the experts?

Of course, grinding your own flour from soaked wheat berries, raw almonds or oats will insure the highest nutritional value of your homemade breads. If you can afford to, by all means invest in a high-quality grain mill.

However, the next-best choice is to use the Vita-Mix. This awesome machine can be used to both grind the flour and knead the dough for your favorite homemade bread recipes.

And it can do it in just minutes. See the Vita-Mix knead dough for yourself. It's a pretty cool thing to see!

Create Fantastic Nut Butters

Most nuts, eaten in moderation, are a healthful source of fat and protein. In fact, recent studies have shown that eating a handful of nuts everyday can help lower cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular disease.

Nut butters spread on fruit or low-fat whole wheat crackers can make a quick and healthful snack. However, most store-bought brands contain high amounts of sugar, salt and other chemicals.

You can buy organic brands, but many of these are expensive and also contain chemical preservatives.The most economical way to enjoy rich and tasty nut butters is to make your own!

And with the the Vita-Mix you can make ultra-smooth and delicious nut butters from raw pecans, cashews or almonds. Yum!

Make great hummus

Hummus is a cream of chick peas with garlic, lemon and olive oil. It is a great food, as it is rich in protein, folate and calcium.

Hummus is also a good source of the minerals phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc. This delicious dish is high in dietary fiber and a source of good carbs.

You can mix up a nutritious batch of hummus in the Vita-Mix in 30 seconds. That's right! Snack-time just got easier...and better.

Mix thick, rich soy-fruit shakes

vita-mix.04 Soy protein is lower in fat than most animal sources of protein. Some nutrition experts claim that soy may reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer.

Soy protein is also thought to be effective at lessening the symptoms of menopause.

That's why soy-fruit shakes make a great meal replacement. Soy protein helps satisfiy hunger, while fruit supplies many vitamins and minerals.

Whole fruit also contains fiber, which helps keep you feeling full as well.

Make rich gourmet iced-coffees

Does the sound of a frozen beverage made with fragrant, gourmet brewed coffee, light cream, cinnamon and a dash of honey make your mouth water?

Then you're no doubt an iced coffee lover.

These icy beverages are all the rage now. In fact, many local coffee shops are happily capitalizing on this trend daily.

But you can easily make these luxurious treats at a fraction of the cost in your own kitchen with the Vita-Mix.

Puree fresh baby food


Making your baby's food yourself is not nearly as complicated as you might think. In fact, pureeing fresh nutritious fruits, veggies and lean meats is a no-brainer with the Vita-Mix.

Plus, you'll have total control over your child's diet this way, and you can choose the quality of foods that he or she eats.

It is IMPERATIVE, however, that you discuss your choice with your child's pediatrician. You'll need to work closely with him or her to develop a diet that includes the nutritients your child needs at each stage of development.

The Vita-Mix makes it so much easier for you and your family to enjoy better health!